Urban Edge

We Help Clients Build Authentic Relationships in a Brave New World We provide media assets for the HBCU League Pass, on- site event execution, experiential marketing activities, media planning, multicultural strategies and public relations services. The motivation behind all of our corporate decisionsis to provide client focused programs that deliver measurable results, improve market position and build for future successes. More than anything else…we realize your success is our success


It is the biggest nascent brand development asset. An adsupported Black College Sports Network, delivering 24/7 access to live and on- demand Historically Black Colleges and Universities games, Pay-Per-View sporting events, original sports shows, curated films, podcasts, and more. Enjoy Non-Televised black college games any time and anywhere. HBCU LEAGUE PASS is the must have streaming service for black college sports

HBCU League Pass – Streaming First Strategy

Today most Americans use streaming services (i.e. Netflix) to watch video content via the internet on a connected TV, computer, smartphone or tablet

• TV streaming services are a $47 Billion industry
• TV streaming services are #2 in U.S. TV viewership
• 64% of U.S. homes have a streaming service
• 60% of 18-to29-yr olds only watch streaming services
• 71% of internet users watch TV streaming services once a week

Capturing A Loyal Audience

Urban Edge is providing an all-inclusive package that targets sports, academics, arts and engagement with the student body, alumni and people of the communities that HBCU’s serve


Immediate access/outreach to over 4.5M HBCU alumni with the opportunity to establish an ongoing marketing relationship
FacebookMax: Weleverage a proprietary technology that collects all of the public data that users post on Facebook and it allows us to target consumers based on that
A proprietary monitoring and content management platform passively monitors all active systems and allows our team remote access to push updates, track equipment health, and resolve system issues
Opportunity to quantify number of subscribed users, time spent actively streaming and tracking of social media elements associated with the HBCU League Pass

HBCU Overview

What we Best At

We provide smart and flexible services

degrees in medicine & dentistry

More than 80% of all black Americans who received degrees in medicine & dentistry were trained at Howard University and Meharry Medical College

undergraduate training

HBCUs have provided undergraduate training for three fourths of all black persons holding a doctorate degree; three fourths of all black officers in the armed forces; and four fifths of all black federal judges

bachelor's degrees at an HBCU

Fifty percent of black faculty in traditionally white research universities received their bachelor's degrees at an HBCU

degrees in medicine & dentistry


undergraduate training


bachelor's degrees at an HBCU

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